About us

One Touch Consulting is a U.S. based group of IT experts in Networking architecture, Web Development, Security, Microsoft Solutions, UNIX solutions, Database Solutions and other enterprise solutions for businesses and governments around the world.

Launched in 2005 by IT expert and Entrepreneur Jean-Marc Kouevidjin, One Touch Consulting has helped more than 200 clients in more than 12 countries.

Our process is simple: We study your issues and come up with the best solutions at the first touch. We stand by you and provide Training for your staff to better handle your infrastructure and we are always there besides you all the way. We will support you at your location or remotely and we will build custom solutions to address custom issues.

There is no problem too great that we cannot fix with one touch. That is why we employ only Experts. Having One Touch Consulting in your corner is like having your own developers and IT experts exactly when you need them.

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